Alex Mikulec and Carson Johnson AKA “Champagne Poppers” are a DJ duo hailing from Arlington, Tx.
They bring a unique bass influenced set along with live performances (Guitar & Vocals). Inspired by the sounds of classic rock, blues, reggae, hip hop, and of course dubstep and bass music they have mastered sound design. They rise above other artist because of their passion, energy ,unique sound and live performances. Their performances are about connecting/interacting with the crowd & giving them a performance they’ll never forget.
This DJ duo is on the rise with support from Shaquille o’neal AKA DJ Diesel. The big man has been playing their track out at numerous festivals and even gave them personal shout outs. They’ve also had releases on “Dirtysnatcha Records, Drop central & SOCI” with their music reaching thousands! Their style is fun and energetic and sets tend to involve a champagne shower or two.

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