Growing up in hard conditions in Michigan, Chris (a.k.a Deucez) found solace in music at an early age. Being his only source of comfort, music quickly became Deucez’ passion. Beginning with guitar at age 5 and moving to percussion at age 10, Deucez had an impeccable desire to gain as much music knowledge as possible. At age 12 Deucez focused his energies on digital music production due to a lack of peers to form a band with. Since then he has become consumed by his love for electronic music and his desire to be the best musician he can be. Chris has achieved some amazing accomplishments with his music, having 2 mixes featured on Electric Area on Sirius XM, and a #1 hit on Spinnin’ Records talent pool for 2 weeks! Deucez leaves it all out on the stage and puts every ounce of himself into his sets and original tracks. He is a highly experienced performer and is guaranteed to keep crowd energy high.

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