As did the legends from Lords of Dogtown, EAZLEY grew up in the streets by the beach in the west coast. Being a true kid at heart, he is an adrenaline junkie who is always looking for excitement. This initially led him to take on pro surfing, but after moving to Las Vegas, where sand replaced the waves, he decided to surf crowds instead.

EAZLEY has always taken initiative to pursue his passion for bass music and loves the high energy of the crowd he instills with his raw unique sounds. After graduating from Icon Collective, where he had the opportunity to work with artists like Protohype, Ryan Browne, and many more, he has released tracks on labels such as Dirty Snatcha Records, Watership, and Wicked Records. He has opened for Hekler, Nitti Gritti, Marauda, and Trollphace in Las Vegas. As well as for artists such as Calcium, Yakz, Hi Im Ghost, and Cherney. On the decks, EAZLEY keeps the energy high and the crowd pumped! He is a true kid at heart!

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