Born in Chester, Pennsylvania and raised in Columbus, Ohio, Govan began to explore music at a young age. Throughout high school, he wrote and produced Hip Hop albums and mixtapes. Post-graduation, Govan found himself drifting away from his love of beats and bars, and began leaning into his guitar. He spent a few years as a singer/songwriter playing open mics and intimate shows around Columbus before taking a break from music.

In the summer of 2018, Govan discovered a new-found passion for house music and a new identity as GVNR. With a deep curiosity and desire to transcend his experience and share with others, he had created, planned, and hosted his first house music event by September 2018, Timmy’s House. This was a solidifying moment in how and why he fell in love with house music: the way it can change a dance floor is electrifying.

By spring of 2019, Govan had established a monthly event with Timmy’s House and recently celebrated the event’s one year anniversary. It has become a strong community event, bringing other local DJs in on the adventure. Govan can also be found hosting and playing at parties and clubs, both big and small. From backyard barbecues to festivals and after parties, if you’re ready to dance, the GVNR got ya.

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