• DATE /August 28, 2020
  • TIME /09:00 PM - 02:00 AM
  • ADDRESS /Scenario Nightclub 1005 E Carson St, Pittsburgh, PA 15203, United States

Event description

Wtf’s That Sound has been working diligently around the clock to make sure that we bring you the hottest up and coming weird bass artists. For this installment we bring you the tantalizing tunes of CVPTVGON, JONNIE BOI and BLURRD VZN! Prepare for abduction. 🛸👽



CVPTVGON is a drippy bass entity from the west coast that intends to control humans through rhythmic sound displacement. Hypnotic bass-heavy leftfield cuts paired with body rocking dubstep makes for a recipe that’s sure to do the trick. With playouts from heavy hitters like ATLiens, Nazaar, Crankdat, and more. With collaborations with huge up and coming artists such as MeSo and Jonnie Boi. CVPTVGON is spreading like a disease. Recently signed to Prysm Talent Agency, CVPTVGON has released tunes on labels such as Spicy Bois, The Missing Links and Ignite Recordings. His otherworldly sounds will leave you in dismay for days. Don’t sleep on this amazing producer and be sure to be on the lookout for his name on major line ups in the months and years to come!




👽Jonnie Boi👽

Jonnie Boi is one of 2020’s hardest hitters in the experimental community. Reigning from Reno, NV, Jonnie Boi has been producing bass music for a little over 2 years now. However, with his incredible sound design and unheard of bass lines, you’d think he has been doing this for centuries. He has had quite a few large label releases including: Spicy Bois, Wormhole Music Group, Full Flex Audio and Radiation Records. Having done some unreal collaborations with names such as MeSo, CVPTVGON and Blurrd Vzn, Jonnie Boi is really coming in hard and be sure to keep your eyes peeled for his name all around the globe!




🛸Blurrd Vzn🛸

This POWER pack duo consists of Johny Angelo and Oscar Villa coming in hot from San Diego, California! Collectively producing for over 6 years, Johny began his journey by making hip-hop style beats while Oscar had been making heavy bass filled, dubstep like sounds and the two decided to link up and see what they could do as a single unit. These two gentlemen have been doing nothing but making banger after banger after banger. Music production is the shared dream and they have really started to make a name for themselves starting 2020. Having put out some huge colabs with the likes of Jonnie Boi and MeSo, these guys are ready to annihilate this year and years to come!





Varden Armstrong-(Pittsburgh, Pa. Deep Dubstep)

Void- (Pittsburgh, PA. Experimental Dub)

Sikum-(Pittsburgh, PA. Deep/Experimental Dub)

TiKo-(Pittsburgh, PA. Deep dubstep/Riddim)

Mr. Yukk-(Pittsburgh, PA. Deep dubstep)

Keebs- (Pittsburgh, Pa. Liquid Drum and Bass)


ZRO- (Pittsburgh, PA. Bass music)

TK Kavi- (Pittsburgh, PA. Hip-Hop)

Bando- (Cleveland, OH. Trap/Experimental Bass)

Dicey- (Pittsburgh, PA. Experimental Bass)

Venue- Scenario Night Club


2 full bars. One upstairs, one downstairs.

20$ admission online or at the door.
30$ VIP admission. (Private viewing balcony, private bar, artist meet and greet)




{Everybody knows the deal, we’re all grown. NO violence, NO drugs, NO weapons and DO NOT make a fool of yourself or we have the right to remove you from the premise at any given moment.}

Let’s get weird Pittsburgh! 🥳👽🛸